Unisured Services Information

A significant number of medical services and documentation are not covered by OHIP. To reduce administrative time and provide a cost saving advantage to patients, annual fee / block fees have been introduced. Patients and families will be able to pay a one time yearly fee to cover uninsured services. Some of these services include prescription renewals, absentee notes, insurance forms and telephone advice. For the majority of patients this will provide a significant financial saving. Patient will receive a letter explaining block fees and billing options in September of every year. Patients always have the option to pay for individual services as they are required.

For patients who opt to pay for services as rendered or for services not covered by the annual fee program it is our office policy that these services are billable directly to the patient. Payment is due on receipt of the service for services performed in the office and for out of office requested services payment is required before the service is issued.

Our office uses the services of Doctors Services Group to help administer our uninsured services and thus is acting as an agent for our office when communicating with any patients.

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