Prenatal Care

Dr. Karen Fleming is a family physician who sees prenatal patients at our clinic and performs deliveries with the Family Medicine Obstetrics Team at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.
All of our physicians follow mothers and newborns after delivery.

For our Prenatal Patients

Congratulations, you’re expecting! Please find below some information that may be useful during your pregnancy and in the newborn period.

Delivering at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

If you are more than 20 weeks pregnant and have any concerns

Call : 416-480-6100 and press 0

Explain to the operator that you are a pregnant patient of the

Provide the operator with your doctor's name and your call-back number.
The operator will page the doctor on call for you.
If you do not hear back within 20 to 30 minutes, please call again
or go to Triage to be assessed by the doctor on call.
The Triage unit is located on the 5th floor in the M-wing
and is open 24 hours a day

First Trimester Resources

Second & Third Trimester Resources

Post-partum Resources